I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint   Jeremiah 31v25.

I have been feeling emotionally and physically drained recently. A few weeks ago I completed a Masters in Education which took me over five years to do, with the last six months proving to be especially grueling.

Reason dictates that in order to restore strength I should now rest. My default position in any case is to watch movies whenever I can and put my feet up. The problem is, it only works up to a point and doesn’t bring back much ‘strength’.

Society is full of books and people who give us step by step plans designed to help us feel rested and strong, whereas the Christian way of life almost seems too easy, as the first thing that God often wants from us is to just spend time with Him, primarily through prayer. The simple act of doing this may be ‘refreshing’ for our souls.

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2 thoughts on “Strength

  1. Though the Christian way of things regarding resting appears straightforward, the reality is often the opposite. Many say they are so ‘busy’; too busy with God’s work, maybe, to waste time in God’s presence, as Henri Nouwen puts it? Knowing and doing God’s will is ultimately all that will count and last, so perhaps we need to learn to wait on God and ‘rest’. I suggest that this will result in peace and an understanding of what God’s business is really about.


    • Please note due to my misreading the comment box the ‘reply’ is not from James but from me, Clive! Bear with me.

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