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To be frank…

“The thing that keeps God out of our lives is not our sin. It is our compulsion to pretend, to cover up our nakedness with fig leaves, to climb sycamore trees in order to see without being seen”.
Pete Greig. God on Mute. Page 78.

I’ve been challenged recently to be constantly and habitually honest in prayer. I’ve realized that I actually find it a lot easier to be honest to those closest to me than to really be honest to God. I find in prayer that it is all too easy to follow the same old format, to repeat the same fixed expressions, true and meaningful though they are. Even after looking through the Psalms and seeing how brutally honest some of those laments are, even after reading and talking to others about how God responds to our honesty, how it unfazes Him and how he responds to it, this still hasn’t meant that I’m any closer to being honest with God on a daily basis when I shut the door and pray to Him.

Possible Solution: Pray for God’s help to be more honest!

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True test of character

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” John Wooden

In a previous blog I commented on how challenging or testing situations allow one to see the condition of his/her faith. In the same way, I think we only get to genuinely see the state of our character when we discover how we chose to spend our time when no one is present to observe our actions. Although we may often need certain people or specific situations to “bring something out of us” and reveal more about our personality to both ourselves and those around us, I believe that what we do when we are alone will disclose more to us about where our heart really lies, what truly motivates us. The question that inevitably follows is what to do when we realize that that part of our heart actually needs to change.

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A rational faith?

One thing is sure: You are somebody’s disciple. You learned how to live from someone else.

Dallas Willard “The Divine Conspiracy”

Unconsciously or not, one cannot escape recycling the ideas, expressions and old sayings that he heard in the surroundings in which he grew up. As a child, one is inevitably reliant on his parents’ view the world, which will mold and colour his own perception of it, until he starts to hear conflicting views which force him into making shape of the world for himself.

Tragically, however, I would argue that the opinions and ideas that we grow up with are rarely confronted as we get older. Does one stop to think about where he got that certain point of view from? It simply becomes part of who we are, and as one reaches his late twenties and thirties, the clamour of societal and familial needs mean that views that one may have held since his teenage years are simply allowed to go unchallenged.

Following on from this line of thinking, the question in regards to faith is whether it can stand up to being challenged in such a rational way. Can one believe relationally, experientially and intellectually?

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